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nightlife While in France you can see a cultured and diverse nightlife. In its cities you will find world class opera, trendy nightclubs, traditional French bars and lovely cabarets. If you want a great night in France, make sure your experience contains as many of these different types of entertainment as possible. The best city in France as far as the nightlife is concerned, is Paris. Go to Paris if you want a great nightlife experience.

If you want to visit some bars, you should go to the residential areas if you’re looking for something authentic. The French will be there and the prices will be better. They will provide you with the best experience. In the tourist areas you will see more foreigners and the prices will be higher.

If you like clubbing, Le Duplex is probably the best place to visit in Paris. There are three floors in the club, each with their own atmosphere and music (new wave, techno and hip hop). Since there are long lines, you should get to the club early.

If your ideal night out includes theatre, you should definitely visit the Comedie Francaise. It goes back over 300 years, since the times of Louis XVI.

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on a night out, go with a popular choice, like the wine bars, or simply stay at a small café. Once they close (at midnight usually), you can go to a music venue or a club. There are a lot of jazz clubs that you can visit, some for poor students and some for high rollers. The best clubs will have international DJ’s invited and will usually close at 5 AM.

Other cities in France will close earlier than those in Paris, except for those located at the Cote d’Azur.